First set: compares a) “failure is persuasive around here, seductive even.” • both talk about failing – other people making u Fail                         • Failure seems positive – ‘persuasive’ and ‘seductive’   b) “the detonations of self-doubt become audible” • you yourself making u […]

Platelets help to make tiny fibre that form a net at the side of a cut. Red blood cells are trapped in this net forming a blood clot. The clot dries and forms a scab which protects the cut while new skin grows.  

In this essay I am going to be explaining how Ron Suskind compare the difficulties that critics faces during his time at MIT and Ballou high school, part one and part two. Cedric goes through many challenges when at both of these areas of education, just a few of these challenges are violence and abuse […]

Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus each where as prokaryotic cells nucleoid. Prokaryotic can only be single celled, however eukaryotic cells can be single celled or multi celled. Prokaryotic also don’t have organelles where as eukaryotic have many different types with specialized cells. Prokaryotic cells are single circular double stranded DNA. Eukaryotic cells contain complex chromosomes […]

A lichen is a composite organism that raises from algae or cyanobacteria living with filaments of a fungus in a symbiotic relationship. An important use of lichens is that they provide a way of survival in harsh environments where algae cannot normally survive.

The film we watched in class called ‘la Haine’ made me feel that racism and prejudice occurs way more in France and many French people are very rude but it also made me feel that there were rules made that only suit the police but not the citizens.

He means that he don’t wanna waste anyone’s time he just wants to say the truth and give a positive vibe to his community and culture. 2. Because it’s like it’s the only place him and his daughter or sister can go with out any violence or disruptions I also think that it’s 2 coz […]